2014 Sculpts


The Visitation

About two years ago, my friend Joy approached me about sculpting the Visitation Scene from the Bible for her.  This is the scene where Mary, having just conceived Jesus, goes to see Elizabeth who is pregnant with John the Baptist.  At their meeting, John leaps in Elizabeth's womb, and Mary, filled with joy, sings the Magnificat.  You can find the whole story in Luke, Chapter 1.  At the time, I turned her down, as I really wasn't ready to tackle human anatomy yet.  Over the past few years, we've discussed it a couple of times, but I never felt ready yet.  This past November, I got an e-mail from Joy's mother who wanted to buy my sculpting services for Joy as a Christmas present.  I agreed and created a rough sketch for Joy's mom to give Joy at Christmas.  After Christmas, Joy an I put our heads together and figured out the details, poses, etc. We decided to make them 54mm, which is a first for me.  I finished them in mid-April.




River Animals, Reaper Miniatures (Spring 2015)

I sculpted a set of river animal companions for Reaper Miniatures.  The set includes a Beaver, a Platypus, an Otter, and a Water Monitor.




Cyber Lady

A friend hired me to sculpt his character that he uses for a Sci. Fi. game.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to expand my abilities and stretch myself a bit.  As you can see, she does't have a base, as was requested by the customer.




Egyptian Dogs, Dark Fable Miniatures (Spring 2015)

Dr. Burns of Dark Fable Miniatures hired me once again this past year to create animals for his line. The first up are a set of dogs, based on breeds that the Egyptians valued: the Pharoah Hound, the Seguigio Hound, and the Basengi.  I should note that I don't have pictures of the basengi on its base, but I did sculpt one for it similar to that of the other two.




Leopards, Dark Fable Miniatures (Spring 2015)

Dr. Burns asked me to create a pair of palace, pet leopards with collars based on real ones found in Egyptian tombs.




Baboon, Dark Fable Miniatures (Spring 2015)

I based this sculpt off of the Hamadryas baboon of North Africa.  These animals were revered as holy creatures by the Egyptians.




Crocodiles, Dark Fable Miniatures (Spring 2015)

Of all the sculpts I have done, none made me more nervous during sculpting, and yet make me more proud of the outcome than these two.  I love them and cannot wait to get my copies.




Ammut, Dark Fable Miniatures (Spring 2015)

Ammut is an Egyptian monster who was said to have eaten the hearts of people who were unworthy of the afterlife.  It is a fearsome beast with the head of a Crocodile, the front half of a Lion, and the rear of a Hippo.  I loved sculpting this one and really look forward to being able to paint it.